PT. Bangkit Gemilang was established on April 11th 2000, it is a part of PT. Ripah Serumpun. A family business with almost two decades of well proven experiences combined in providing an excellent quality of moving services. We present you solutions with our customized range of services to best suit your business needs, regardless which type of industry you work in.
The services include Movers (Trucking and Packing), Stock Exchange Custodianship, Courier Services, Car Rental and Car Maintenance Center. P.T. Bangkit Gemilang has been servicing and able to maintain the exceptional loyalty of highly respected local and multinational companies for numerous years. We enormously value the continuous trust and support from our customers since 1987, as it has become our backbone in relentlessly enhancing our performance standards to consistently become your most trusted and reliable business partner. To exceed beyond your expectations is what we strive for.

The highly skilled and dedicated professionals with the right amount of passion in the business, whom we carefully selected as our staffs, in alignment with the brilliant and experienced hands of our executives officers, will fully ensure the operation to run smooth. The philosophy of Honesty, Trustwothiness, Security, Reliability and Counterpart Satisfaction we hold high as our work ethic, will also become the essential part we use to ensure your valuable goods stay in a constant premium condition, arrive at your door step at a precise time to fit your timeline with a reasonably competitice price to fit your budget. We believe each of our customers will be satisfied with the standards of service we apply.




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Wisma Nugra Santana, 9th Floor, Suite# 901, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 7-8, Jakarta 10220 - Telp: (021) 2510728, Fax: (021) 2510724

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