President Director

An impresive professional with over 30years of experiences, he has an outstanding expertise which has earned him prestigous international awards. To name a few, Who's Who in The World, The Man Of The Year, The Man of Achievement and another awards from biographical linstitutions in Great Britain as well as in the United States. He spent 19 years workign at Citibank, BA as Vice President, then etended his experiences by adding another 13 years as distinguish member of DIrector Board of Commissionaires of various well-known private banks. He has an incredible passion in the development of human resources, especially in educational sector, and contributes his little time left and valuable knowledge in finance and economics to become a lecturer in several universities. Today, he leads numerous companies and organizations. PT. Bangkit Gemilang is one of the companies where he functions as the President Director.


Her constant determination and confident opened a remarkeable opportunity to work for Chase Manhattan Bank, NA where she spent 17 consistent years. Administrative and accounting are her key strength. Thus, se has the competency for all sorts of administrative duties and the ability to compile solid and highly accurate financial reports. With the considerable amount of working experiences as she earned from a globally well known international financial institution, she is currently active in running and leading several non Governmental Organizations and Social Community Institutions. Yet, in beetwen her incredibly busy and tight schedule, she can still devote her enermous attention and experiences in the Board of Commissionaire PT. Bangkit Gemilang


His life journey and degree he obtained in Australia has played a significant role for the company growth and development. His amazing practical sense and ability to place focus as well as set priority properly in the company's visions and missions, in addition with his in depth knowledge and skills in automotive, we trust he will be able to provide the appropriate tolls to overcome the company's various challenges and difficulties ahead. His excellent skills can be easily be seen in the work performance results of the Maintenance and Repair Management and the Vehicle Operating System, within the strict Standard of Operation of PT. Bangkit Gemilang. He operates as the locomotive of PT. Bangkit Gemilang and will continuously generate efforts to achieve our main objective to constantly become your highly reliable business solutions provider


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